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still and silent in the purple silken night
the city smiled in twinkling lights
making night clouds still glow white

i sat before my pool, i knew not really why
with a crystal in my hand
still and asking, i looked to the sky

no answer -i close my eyes
and go deep within
tapping into the darkness inside my skin

so much pressure, my forehead tense
i push against dark walls hoping to make them...
bend? Hmmmmmm

but pushing doesn't make your shadow friend
i realize that  -
relax and breathe, sink deep, be sweet

and then

the night became more silent
sound dropped out all around
high quality, empty, profound.

a piercing quiet
an acoustic knowing...

i let go of my fear-
a thought emerged
it was so clear.

my being felt the crystal's plea.
and I knew now what to do.
i let it's knowing enter me.

it shot me with energy
a rising heat-
amrita rushed between my knees

hot and reaching for my heart
i fall face first into my pool (of new me)
mercurial –beautiful rainbow reality

held under by bliss, color bled my walls
liquid energy, no breath
until that instinct of living called

i came up like a siren
flipping my hair -
rainbowed droplets everywhere.

never had i felt so refreshed
surely i had passed the test
Part of Raver J's journey --in order to continue down her path she had to undergo a test and this was it ...
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December 26, 2012
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