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i walk an ethereal tight rope
balancing between blackness and clouds
i lose my step
and fall into both.

the bottom of the blackness feels like a dark cave.
through my darkness
i see myself on the other side
in blissful free fall.
i am separated as if by a pane of glass.

a falling sea star
through clouds of spectacular color
I am joy
rushing unceasing unending feeling
pure, misty dissolution

in the dark, I wish to be that joy,
my palms pressed against the glass,
but I am just a witness to it.

split i turn around,
leaning against my wall
i slip down slowly
embracing my knees-
I know i am alone

but …
i am not sad …
and i am not afraid …
i just don't know why i'm here…

a small vibration
inside my heart-
i take a deep breath,
stand up
and walk into my darkness.
One of Raver J's dreams
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December 26, 2012
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